COVID-19 UPDATE  -  January 2022

At Paediatric Dental Care, we are committed to the delivery of safe, timely and effective high-quality dental care for children, as well as creating a safe workplace. We are committed to continuing to provide such care during times of high transmission of COVID-19 in the community. To help us keep the children attending our practice safe, we ask that you work with us to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19.


As such, if any child or caregiver is too ill for school or work, the child’s appointment will need to be rescheduled. Similarly, if any patient or someone within the patient’s home is required to self isolate due their COVID-19 infection risk, the appointment will need to be rescheduled. If your child has a dental emergency but is unwell, needs to isolate due to their medical health, or is in a period of quarantine, please contact our staff by phone and we will do our utmost to arrange appropriate emergency care.

In keeping with the current SA Health and SAPOL recommendations, all attendees over 12 years of age will need to wear a mask during their time in our practice. Those under 12 years old are welcome to join in the fun if they wish to wear a mask also. During this time of increased spread of COVID-19, we will no longer be accepting mask exemptions. Mask exempt parents will either need to wear a mask, send their child with another adult or wait outside our rooms.

Our dentists and staff have complied with the SA Government mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers, and we encourage everyone to seek vaccination for COVID-19. However, we respect that some individuals may choose to remain unvaccinated. We will not discriminate against any patient seeking care, but we require any attending parent/caregiver to be vaccinated. If you are an unvaccinated parent/caregiver, we request that you send your child with another vaccinated adult or wait outside our rooms. Please have your vaccine passport available for our team to view. Please note, when making a booking for treatment under general anaesthetic for your child, there are very strict guidelines in relation to screening COVID-19 tests and vaccinations that are set by the hospitals that must be followed. These procedures are in place to safeguard the health of other patients in the hospital, our staff and hospital staff.

As a paediatric health service provider, we understand that each patient often attends their appointment with several members of their family. We request that you attend our rooms with only one caregiver and, if possible, leave any siblings in the care of another adult at home or outside the surgery. The Constable Hyde Memorial Garden and Playground is situated 400m SE of our practice and is an ideal spot for additional family members to wait.

To avoid the risk of transmission between visitors to our practice, we have changed our "prize box" into a "surprise box" and each dentist will have their own fun way of finding the surprise for your child. We have also retired the toys from our waiting room until further notice. We would encourage all families to bring something from your home to entertain your children during the period between your arrival and your consultation with our dentists.

The above changes have been made in reflection of recommendations by SA Health and the Australian Dental Association.  They are the current best-known practice but may change as the experience within our community changes.