COVID-19 UPDATE  -  20 July 2021

At Paediatric Dental Care we remain firmly committed to the health and safety of our patients, caregivers and staff.  Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we have significant concerns about our ability to treat the young people under our care whilst, maintaining the safety of all people present in our practice.  This also mirrors recent guidelines distributed by the Australian Dental Association and the government.  As such, we have elected to close our practice for all routine dental care.


During this period of closure, an on-call emergency service has been established between some private specialist paediatric dentists.  We ask that you contact our clinic on our practice phone number 82320222 for information on how to contact the on-call specialist.  You may find that the specialist on call does not work at Paediatric Dental Care and you will be directed to the appropriate clinic if this is the case.  It is very important to note that this service is for dental emergencies only, for example a swollen face from a dental abscess, displaced or severely fractured permanent teeth following dental trauma, severely displaced baby teeth following dental trauma, dental pain that does not resolve with oral analgesics or uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth.  If the paediatric dentist on call has determined that your child needs emergency care, you will be asked questions about your COVID-19 status and risk.  It is very important to answer these questions honestly, as the answers will NOT exclude your child from care, they will just allow the specialist to determine the safest place for care to be delivered.


The above changes have been made in reflection of recommendations by The Australian Government, Department of Health and the Australian Dental Association.  They are the current best-known practice but may change as the experience within our community changes.